Trou D'Eau Douce Gold 18K Tahitian & Shell

Trou D'Eau Douce Gold 18K Tahitian & Shell

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Timeless elegance meets modern sophistication in this open-ended bracelet. One alluring Tahitian pearl and one shell grace the ends of an 18K Gold band, resulting in a stunningly simple yet elegant piece.

The sleek design will elevate any outfit.

  • Tahitian Pearls

    Our stunning black pearls are ethically sourced in the crystal clear waters of Polynesia. Treasured for their rich, peacock-like colours and natural shapes, our Tahitian pearls are ecologically farmed and of AAA quality. Oceano provides a certificate of authenticity with each pearl. Pearls are the only gemstones whose shape, lustre, and colour cannot be modified. They are a direct creation of the ocean, making each pearl one-of-a-kind. Each of our high quality Tahitian pearls is an investment in one of the ocean’s most unique natural treasures. Their natural colours vary from green to grey to aubergine, with no two pearls the same. Baroque pearls: prized for their organic silhouettes, baroque pearls are Intentionally imperfect. Their irregular shapes are just as nature intended. Sourcing Farming pearls is the most ecological way to find pearls without depleting the environment. Pearl oysters need crystal clear water in order to thrive, as they act as natural filters for the ocean and cannot survive in polluted areas. We carefully choose eco-friendly, certified Fair Trade Origin farms whose practices respect the environment and the ocean. It takes from 3-10 years for Tahitian pearls to mature and be harvested. Once the Tahitian pearl has grown to 7mm, pearl farmers can respectfully remove it without damaging the oyster. The oyster will only produce 1 or 2 more pearls in its lifetime.

  • 18K Solid Gold

  • Luxury Packaging & Delivery

    Each piece of Oceano jewelry comes with one of our signature gift boxes. Free delivery anywhere in Mauritius. Worldwide courier delivery is 25€ or free for orders above 250€.

  • Care for your pearls

    Cleaning Gold & silver: gently wipe pieces with a soft, clean cloth to maintain lustre. Pearls: wearing pearls maintains their shine; the skin’s natural oils keep pearls alive and hydrated. Our Mauritius atelier offers a free cleaning service and a 2 year guarantee for all of our pieces.