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Article: The Wedding Edit: Pearl Jewelry Ideas For Brides, Bridesmaids & Guests

The Wedding Edit: Pearl Jewelry Ideas For Brides, Bridesmaids & Guests

The Oceano Bridal Collection & Customization Services

Whether you’re having your princess moment at a chateau or you’re enjoying a barefoot ceremony on the beach, there’s one thing all weddings have in common: exquisite jewelry. Pearls have long been the gemstone of choice for weddings. For one, they’re symbols of love, femininity, luck, and purity. Their enchanting sheen is also a perfect match for white wedding gowns. But that doesn’t mean that only brides can wear them. Below we’re sharing our favorite pearl jewelry ideas for anyone involved in a wedding, from hands-on bridesmaids to fun-loving guests. 

Pearl Jewelry Ideas For Brides 

As romantics ourselves, we adore helping brides find the pieces that best reflect their unique love stories. We know that bridal jewelry is an extra special form of adornment. Of course, the day’s main attraction will be your dress, so you’ll want to find the piece that best complements it. For some brides it’ll be a pair of show-stopping chandelier earrings, like the ones our founder Harriet created for her sister Alicia’s wedding. For others, it’ll be something more delicate, like our timeless Rivière des Créoles drop earrings.
If you’re still looking for your ‘something new’, we hope you can find it within our bridal jewelry collection. We invite brides to browse our ready-to-wear selection, where your dream piece might already be waiting for you. Those that have a specific vision in mind can look into our customization services—we’d be honoured to bring your vision to life!

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Pearl Jewelry Ideas For Bridesmaids

Anyone who has been part of a wedding party will know how tricky it can be to create harmony within a diverse group dynamic. On top of finding designs that are flattering for everyone involved, you also need to make sure the look is elegant without taking attention away from the bride. We still love the idea of pearl jewelry for bridesmaids, as it’s an easy way for the wedding party to subtly match the bride.

You can keep a consistent theme and cater to individual preferences by choosing pieces from our matching collections; we recommend the universally flattering and sophisticated Les Salines and Trou d’Eau Douce ranges. Available in earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and rings, the pieces share similar chains and pearls but are embellished with different charms. Let each bridesmaid choose the one that speaks to her most, and you’ll have happiness from all sides!

Pearl Jewelry Ideas For Wedding Guests

You don’t have to play a major role in a wedding to wear pearls. At the same time, you’ll definitely want to distinguish yourself from the bride and main wedding party, which is why we suggest steering away from tradition. Opt for coloured pearl varieties—Tahitian, pink, or gold will do the trick—and extra sculptural designs that feel slightly avant-garde, like our Grand Sable rings and necklaces.. If you’re still worried about matching the bride, you can always stick to pure metal pieces from our Ilot, Grand Gaube, and Le Morne ranges. Gentlemen and ladies who love an androgynous look, we haven’t forgotten about you. You can make your suit stand out with ocean-inspired cufflinks, or add a layer of richness to your look with our hammered Gris Gris cuffs. Regardless of your role in any upcoming weddings this season, we’re always happy to offer styling suggestions or provide you with details for customization services. Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions!

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Love from Harriet & the team.


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