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Article: Exploring the Origins of Our Pearls: From Pristine Waters to Our Shores

Exploring the Origins of Our Pearls: From Pristine Waters to Our Shores - Oceano Pearls
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Exploring the Origins of Our Pearls: From Pristine Waters to Our Shores

Pearls are often considered the most unique gems on the planet due to their oceanic origins. Each gem can be traced back to a mollusk, embodying the spirit of nature’s resilience and artistry through each layer of nacre. 

But have you ever wondered exactly where these treasured gems originate? Which waters create the mesmerizing luster and distinctive contours that we know and love? 

As lovers of pearls and advocates of quality and fairness, we are dedicated to seeking out the most beautiful gems on the planet. All of our pearls are ethically and responsibly sourced from the waters that produce pearls with the highest levels of luster, the richest colors, and the most eye-catching shapes. We believe in full transparency, which is why we’re sharing exactly where our pearls are sourced below! 

Freshwater Pearls - The Philippines

Our core collection of round, baroque, and flat freshwater pearls are derived from pristine lakes in the Philippines. The warm waters of these tropical islands offer the perfect environment for our pearls to thrive and grow into the stunning gems we cherish. 

Each of our pearls is hand-selected for their elevated levels of iridescence and their silk-like luminosity. Shapes are important to us, too; while we seek out the most beautifully symmetrical round pearls, we also ensure that our baroque varieties come with the most fluid and captivating contours, and our flat pearls offer a gratifying level of uniformity. The organic nature of pearls is something that we celebrate, which is why all of our pearls are unmodified. If you spot a blemish or inclusion on one of your Oceano pearls, embrace it - these details only add to their one-of-a-kind beauty!  

Tahitian Pearls - Polynesia

Rare and alluring, our Tahitian pearls come from the crystal clear waters of Polynesia. This is one of the only regions of the world where Tahitian pearls can be cultivated. These unique gems are derived from the black lip oyster (the Pinctada margaritifera), which need to be kept in pristine waters at very specific temperatures in order to produce pearls. With its remote location and tropical climate, Polynesia serves as the perfect base for Tahitian pearl cultivation.

All of our Tahitian pearls are of AAA quality, and are individually chosen for their beautiful shapes and prismatic colors. We prefer the name Tahitian pearl to black pearl, since our gems boast a rich palette that ranges from aubergine and midnight blue to champagne and silver. 

Our Base Metal - Italy

As much as we love our pearls, it’s our base metal that transforms them from loose gems into stunning wearable creations. Silver is our preferred metal of choice due to its durability, versatility, and elegant gleam.

All of our silver is responsibly sourced in Vicenza, Italy. We believe that Italy is to silver what the South Pacific is to pearls; the country has been renowned for its high quality silver for generations. We are also proud to refine and transform our silver into 925 sterling silver in our South Mauritius workshop. All of our silver is molded, beaten, crafted, and coated by hand. We use a pure 999 silver to create an extra lustrous white finish that also reduces the likelihood of tarnishing. 

High quality is of the utmost importance to us, which is why we only source our materials from the most reputable sources. Learn more about the materials we use here.  

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