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Pearl Guide

All of our materials are consciously sourced and carefully selected for their outstanding levels of quality, durability, and accessibility. We hope you will enjoy our high quality pieces for years to come. 


nature's unruly treasures;

Pearls are the only gemstones whose shape, luster, and color cannot be modified. They are a direct creation of the ocean, making each gem one-of-a-kind. To highlight the exceptional beauty and natural diversity of pearls, our jewelry features many different varieties and colors of pearls.  

Freshwater Pearls

Derived from pristine lakes in the Philippines, our high quality freshwater pearls are individually selected for their enhanced levels of iridescence, natural pastel colors, and silk-like luster. The shapes and characteristics of our pearls are completely natural and unmodified; as a result, you can expect blemishes and inclusions that add to the unique nature of each pearl. 


Round Pearls

Elegant and timeless, round pearls are the rarest and most valuable pearl shape. They are treasured for their perfectly symmetrical appearance and lend instant sophistication to any outfit. 

Flat Pearls

Also known as coin pearls, flat pearls are known for their disc-like shape. Their smooth texture allows them to reflect light beautifully. They are comfortable, easy to wear, and create a contemporary chic feel. 


Baroque Pearls

Prized for their organic silhouettes, baroque pearls are intentionally imperfect and always unique. Their irregular shapes are just as nature intended, and are ideal for showcasing your individuality. 

Tahitian Pearls

Also known as black pearls, our AAA quality Tahitian pearls are ethically sourced in the crystal clear waters of Polynesia. These rare pearls are treasured for their dark, iridescent colors, which vary from peacock green to silvery gray and aubergine. Each of our high quality Tahitian pearls is an investment in one of the ocean’s most unique natural treasures. 

Our Gold and Silver

Sterling Silver

Our silver is responsibly sourced in Vicenza, Italy and transformed into 925 sterling silver in our Mauritius workshop. Each of our silver pieces is molded, beaten, and crafted by hand, then coated with pure 999 silver for an extra white finish, enhanced shine, and reduced tarnish. This durable metal is naturally hypoallergenic and resistant to scratching and bending, ensuring that our jewelry maintains its beautiful appearance for years. Sterling silver is mostly resistant to tarnishing, but regular polishing is recommended to preserve its stunning luster. 


Oxidised Sterling Silver 

Select sterling silver pieces are treated with a tarnishing solution to create a unique darkened patina. This distinctive form of silver maintains its natural hypoallergenic properties and its resistance to scratching and bending. No cleaning is necessary, as the oxidation remains intact unless exposed to harsh elements such as sulphur or sea water. 


18K Gold Vermeil & Rose Gold Vermeil

Our pieces are plated with gold vermeil to uphold our high standard of craftsmanship. This time-honored form of gold plating allows you to enjoy the highest quality jewelry you can get short of buying solid gold. 
Our electrolysis gold transfer process ensures each gold coating is solid and lustrous. We use 18k gold for its rich color, strength, and splendor, and 925 sterling silver as a durable base metal. Each piece measures at least 3 microns of thickness, making it 6 times thicker and more long-lasting than regular gold plated jewelry. Our gold vermeil pieces are naturally hypoallergenic as they are only crafted with precious metals. 
Our jewelry is designed with wearability and longevity in mind. Each piece comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and a 12 month warranty.