About Us

Ocean-inspired jewelry that celebrates your individuality

Oceano Pearls was born from a deep love of the ocean, and the desire to create contemporary pearl jewelry with a twist. 

Launched in 2015 by Harriet Batchelor, Oceano’s collections draw inspiration from our founder’s background in art history, sculpture, and art restoration. With the unique beauty of each pearl and the organic curves of our jewelry settings, Oceano is redefining traditional pearl jewelry.  

Our one-of-a-kind designs are distinguished by sculptural silhouettes and striking ocean motifs. Each piece can be customized with your preferred variety of pearl and base metals, so that you can truly make your jewelry your own.

Everyday excellence and versatility

Our contemporary semi-fine pearl jewelry allows you to embrace everyday luxury. All of our pieces are designed with wearability and sophistication in mind, so that they can seamlessly transition from day to night. 

We use high quality materials such as genuine pearls, gold vermeil, sterling silver and solid gold to ensure the durability and longevity of our pieces. All of our jewelry is lovingly handcrafted in our workshop in the south of Mauritius.  

Harriet's Story

Originally from the Island of Mauritius, Harriet’s diverse background serves as inspiration for her stunning designs. She lived in Paris, Italy, and Nairobi for over 17 years before returning to the beautiful shores of her home island.

When Harriet isn’t designing or enjoying the wonders of the ocean, she’s spending quality time with her 3 children. 

"Oceano is a combination of inspiration from my home island Mauritius and the Italian tradition for beauty.
A range of rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings combining baroque pearls and volcanic lava from Mauritius, semi-precious stones from Madagascar, sterling silver and leather that I grew to love in Italy.
I believe jewelry comes alive when you wear it, influencing your mood, it is a creative expression of yourself and your personality.

Every piece tells a part of my story, of the artisans I work with, of the love I have felt and of the beauty I have known in my travels and explorations.

I hope you will find similar warmth, originality and style in wearing my designs."


Harriet Batchelor
Designer of Oceano


Grow with Oceano

Oceano Pearls is a proudly women-led business. Our growing team includes female managers in both our retail, accounting, and marketing departments. These talented women have helped us expand into an emerging jewelry brand in Mauritius and beyond. After being primarily stocked in independent boutiques, Oceano is excited to announce the opening of our two new points of sale in Mauritius in 2022. 

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