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Fine Necklaces

Chic displays of contemporary refinement

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Helvetia 14K Gold Sale price€680,00
Helvetia Silver Sale price€200,00
Helvetia Gold - Oceano Pearls
Helvetia Gold Sale price€230,00
Bois Chéri Gold Round Sale price€225,00
Bois Chéri Rose Gold Sale price€200,00
Sold outBois Chéri Gold - Oceano Pearls
Bois Chéri Gold Sale price€200,00
Bois Chéri Silver - Oceano Pearls
Bois Chéri Silver Sale price€215,00
Flacq Rose Gold Sale price€155,00
Flacq Gold Sale price€155,00
Flacq Silver Sale price€110,00
Ile Ronde Gold Baroque Sale price€190,00
Ile Ronde Gold Sale price€160,00
Ile Ronde Silver Tahitian Sale price€185,00
Trou d'Eau Douce Silver Africa Sale price€135,00
Trou D'Eau Douce Gold Africa Sale price€180,00
Lallmatie Gold Sale price€210,00
Sold outIle Ronde Gold 5 Pearls - Oceano PearlsIle Ronde Gold 5 Pearls - Oceano Pearls
Ile Ronde Gold 5 Pearls Sale price€170,00
Ile Ronde Silver 5 Pearls - Oceano Pearls
Ile Ronde Silver 5 Pearls Sale price€130,00
Ile Ronde Silver - Oceano Pearls
Ile Ronde Silver Sale price€120,00
Ile D'Ambre Silver Sale price€150,00
Ile D'Ambre Gold Sale price€190,00
Flic en Flac Silver Sale price€395,00
Flic en Flac Gold Sale price€400,00