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Article: Welcoming 2023 With The Wisdom Of Pearls

Welcoming 2023 With The Wisdom Of Pearls - Oceano Pearls
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Welcoming 2023 With The Wisdom Of Pearls


What do pearls and new year’s resolutions have in common?

At first glance, you may struggle to see any connection between gems and commitments of self-improvement. But in order to achieve our goals, we often benefit from physical reminders of inspiration. A pearl can serve as exactly that. With their long standing symbolism of wisdom and integrity, pearls prove to be much more than beautiful gems from the ocean.
Discover why pearls may be the ideal talisman to help you start the new year off wiser below! 

Pearls: A Symbol Of Wisdom

The unique formation of pearls plays a large role in their symbolism. Created as a result of an oyster attempting to protect itself from an irritant, a pearl is developed after layers of lustrous nacre form around the intrusive object.

Cultures all around the world have associated this long and mindful process with the human experience. It takes us years, and a rollercoaster of good and bad experiences, to finally gain wisdom and insight. Just as a pearl is carefully cultivated over time, so is our own knowledge. And we continually strive to use our wisdom to make each new year better than the last.

Pearls have been used as amulets for wisdom and serenity for centuries, from Buddhists seeking to strengthen their connection to the divine to ancient Greeks wanting to amplify their integrity. This symbolism has stood the test of time, as they are still considered emblems of wisdom by admirers of all ages and nations.

Another Year Wiser

A gem is bound to have other meanings when it’s been treasured for so long. Not only do pearls represent wisdom, they are also associated with protection, loyalty, honesty, generosity, and purity. These characteristics are also thought to be tied to the pearl’s formation, as they often stay with their oyster for years before eventually being plucked from the sea.

Modern spiritualists value pearls for their ability to create a calming atmosphere while attracting positivity, health, and prosperity. The gems are linked to the heart and sacral chakras, encouraging unconditional love, compassion, and pleasure in our relationships with our loved ones and selves.

No matter what your resolutions may be in the new year, the symbolism of pearls will likely tie into them. From taking more time for self-care to spending additional quality time with family or approaching situations with a higher level of clarity, the gem of wisdom and love can guide you into better habits. Their origins will always remind you to have patience while you continually become a wiser, better version of yourself.