Celebrate your feminine side with Oceano Pearls

Pearls. The treasures of the sea, and nature’s representation of feminine beauty.

Our favorite gemstones have long been considered symbols of femininity.
From their moon-like luster to their miraculous formations inside of an oyster, pearls are the perfect symbol for feminine elegance and strength.
It’s fitting that Oceano Pearls is a women-led business.
Since our founder Harriet began crafting one-of-a-kind pearl jewelry 7 years ago, our team has expanded to include even more bold and powerful women.
Our retail, marketing, and administration teams are currently led by women. But don’t worry gentlemen - you’re also a valued part of our team!
We wouldn’t be able to create our beautiful pieces without our male jeweler and accountant. 
When you wear Oceano, you’re supporting a small but dedicated team of passionate women. Celebrate your natural femininity with our unique, handcrafted pearl jewelry!
Visit one of our women-led boutiques or browse our website to find your next favorite pearl piece today.