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Article: Borderless Beauty: Oceano Pearls In Every Corner of the World


Borderless Beauty: Oceano Pearls In Every Corner of the World

Although we are proudly Mauritian, one of our favorite parts of running a jewelry brand is meeting customers from all over the globe. 

Travel and discovery are part of our DNA. Just like a pearl must journey from the depths of the ocean to be enjoyed on the shore, we believe that our pieces should never be bound to one place. In fact, Oceano was born abroad, with Harriet founding the company in Kenya before moving back to her native Mauritius. 

That’s why we’re thrilled to offer worldwide delivery, ensuring you can embrace the beauty of pearls no matter where you are. 

A Boundless Love For Our Customers

Our passion for pearls is matched only by our love for our cherished customers. Beauty and elegance know no borders, which is why we're proud to make our stunning jewelry accessible to everyone, regardless of their location. 

If you’ve fallen in love with us in Mauritius but reside elsewhere, be it mainland Africa, Europe, Asia, or the Americas, your favorite Oceano pieces will always just be a click away.  

Seamless Delivery To Your Doorstep

Distance is never a barrier when it comes to owning an Oceano piece. Thanks to our efficient worldwide shipping options, you can have your chosen jewelry delivered right to your doorstep. 

Our commitment to exceptional customer service extends globally, and we're dedicated to ensuring your shopping experience with us is as smooth and delightful as wearing our pearls.

Discover A World Of Oceano

If you're a Mauritian local that wants to surprise your loved ones abroad, Oceano is here for you. From elegant necklaces to delicate bracelets and timeless earrings, our designs are an ideal choice for compact yet meaningful gifting solutions. You can rest assured that your jewelry will be in safe hands with a trusted courier from a leading global delivery company.  

We invite you to join our global family of pearl enthusiasts with our worldwide shipping options. We can’t wait to be a part of your story, no matter where it takes you. 

You can learn more about our international delivery options and fees by contacting us at or reading our FAQ.

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