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Article: Discover Your Perfect Everyday Pearls With Bois Cheri

Discover Your Perfect Everyday Pearls With Bois Cheri - Oceano Pearls

Discover Your Perfect Everyday Pearls With Bois Cheri

As much as we love striking statement jewelry, we know that it’s the simple yet sophisticated everyday pieces that form the foundations of our jewelry collections.

These are the pieces that we reach for time and time again due to their versatility and elegance. They make sense for any occasion, and look incredible whether worn alone or as part of a stacked or layered look. 

While many of our Oceano pieces make excellent everyday pieces, none are quite as loved as our Bois Cheri range. These minimally beautiful pendant necklaces and bracelets top our best sellers list month after month, proving that you love them just as much as we do. 

If you haven’t discovered the beauty of Bois Cheri yet, we’ll be telling you everything you need to know about this all-time favorite collection below!

Why We Love The Bois Cheri Collection

Our Bois Cheri pieces are a chic take on the classic solitaire pearl design. Featuring round or flat pearls to truly highlight the gems’ natural iridescence, Bois Cheri necklaces and bracelets are accompanied by a delicate chain and our signature nautical clasp. 

It’s these subtle yet impactful details that make these minimalist pieces anything but plain. Each Bois Cheri piece exudes versatility; the round clasp offers customization opportunities with additional charms, but also looks interesting enough to wear alone. 

How To Style The Bois Cheri Collection

These chic solitaire pieces are gorgeous enough as is, but they can always be accompanied by additional styles. Whether it’s a bracelet or necklace, our Bois Cheri pieces make perfect companions for other designs. 

The suspended pearls make the Bois Cheri bracelet a standout piece in any stack, which means they are best paired with other chains that are even more delicate and don’t have a hanging charm or pendant. You can make a full pearl statement with our Bois des Amourettes rice pearl beaded bracelet, or bring in other ocean-inspired elements with the dainty Flic en Flac starfish design. 

We especially love the Bois Cheri pendants for layering, as they are available with a mid-length 40cm chain or a long 60cm chain. They make an ideal bottom layer, especially when contrasted against another ocean-inspired pendant like Plaine Corail. If you can’t get enough of pearls, you can pair it with a smaller pendant such as Ile Ronde or Paul et Virginie. 

If you prefer starting your layered look with a smaller pendant, opt for the 40cm chain and style your Bois Cheri pearl with a chunkier long chain such as the Blue Bay, Grande Savanne, or Riviere Noire necklaces. 

Discover why our team and customers can’t get enough of the Bois Cheri collection by viewing the full range today! 

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