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Article: Celebrate Life’s Rarest Moments With Us This Easter

Love & Self-Love

Celebrate Life’s Rarest Moments With Us This Easter

With another holiday around the corner, we can’t help but reflect on the special moments these days bring. No matter what the day is meant to commemorate on paper, it’s always a rare opportunity to step away from the mundane. To switch off and temporarily forget about our everyday responsibilities, instead prioritizing life’s sweetest treasures.
From enjoying an extra hour or two in bed to indulging in delicacies that can’t be found any other time of year, holidays serve as a reminder of what matters most. Consider them the limited edition treats of the calendar year; fleeting yet powerful capsules of bliss and relaxation.
To honor the upcoming Easter holidays and all the special moments that come with them, we’ll be releasing some exclusive treats that will please both your style and flavor palette. Learn all about them below! 


Easter is a day of unique traditions, from focusing on deep spirituality to indulging in sweets and playful activities. It’s a holiday that brings a special feeling of joy and excitement, officially signifying a new season and all the opportunities that come with it.
But Easter is more than just a day off work. It's a time to engage in traditions that celebrate our personal beliefs and values, whether you stick to cultural practices or create your own rituals. From attending religious services to participating in egg hunts, or simply spending time with family, Easter offers us an opportunity to connect with the people we love most.
Many consider it a good time of year to exchange gifts with our favorite people, or to treat ourselves. That’s why we’ve created two limited edition Easter treats for both fashion lovers and gourmands.

Our Limited Edition Easter Treats

First are our well-loved Plaine Corail earrings, which have been given a seasonal upgrade just in time for Easter. This stunning version features a stunning combination of textures and colors that will be sure to steal the show at any special gathering. 
The signature coral studs, this time crafted in gleaming gold vermeil, and round white pearls we all know and love remain. New to the design are radiant aquamarine stones and sterling silver 
starfish and seashell charms, which give this chic design even more depth and dimension. This exquisite iteration will only be released in limited quantities around the Easter season.
Of course, it wouldn’t be Easter without rich and delicious chocolate. This year we’re excited to release our very own limited edition chocolate egg in partnership with the LUX* Grand Gaube. Created specially for us by the hotel’s French chef patissier Pascal Galette, this decadent ocean-inspired egg will be the star of any Easter table setting. We’ll only be releasing 8 eggs per boutique, so you’ll need to act fast to get one! 
At the end of the day, Easter is a time to celebrate the things that make life special: family, friends, traditions, and, of course, delicious treats. So whether you're planning a big celebration or simply enjoying a quiet day at home, be sure to make the most of this treasured holiday.

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