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Article: Gems of Mauritius: The Untouched Beauty of Riambel Beach


Gems of Mauritius: The Untouched Beauty of Riambel Beach


One thing we’ll never be shy about is our love for Mauritius. Our home island is our constant muse and source of inspiration. It’s why you can always find Mauritius within Oceano jewelry, from the names of the designs to sculptural elements made from real shells found on the island’s shores. 

If you’ve taken a browse through our collections, you’ll notice that each one is named after a beautiful location on the island. One of them in particular is especially meaningful to our founder, Harriet: Riambel Beach. Below we’ll be sharing exactly why this quiet paradise has captured our hearts.   

Endless Exploration 

Located in the wild south where Harriet grew up, Riambel Beach is a haven for tranquility. It remains largely untouched by external developments, making it the perfect destination for those seeking an uninterrupted connection with nature. Whether you want to enjoy a lazy afternoon in the sun or you’re seeking unspoiled waters for exploration, Riambel is a dreamy spot for a relaxing beach day. 

Often called one of the most wild beaches in Mauritius, Riambel is known for its pure waters, fine white sand, volcanic rocks, and lush vegetation. It’s an excellent spot for sunbathers wanting to completely unwind or quiet adventurers who want to explore the beach in peace. Swimming is not recommended, especially for beginners, as the beach’s close proximity to the reef can cause strong currents. 

What You Can Find At Riambel

One of Riambel’s most special features is its close proximity to the coral reef. Its fantastic shapes and colors are a wonder to behold, as well as the creatures that call it home. This natural wonder is less than 200 meters away from the shore, which means beachgoers can easily wade through Riambel’s azure waters during low tides to admire the beauty of the reef without special equipment. 

The beach is also a favorite spot for fishermen, bird watchers, and horse riders. Harriet is a fan of the latter activity, and can often be found enjoying a sunset ride through the beach’s shallow azure waters.  

Our Riambel Collection

Inspired by the serenity of Riambel’s shores and the power of its waves, our Riambel collection features some of our favorite non-pearl pieces. The bold silhouette of the rings is handcrafted from genuine Mauritian shells to truly capture Riambel’s serene energy. The gentle curve is reminiscent of the waves of the Indian Ocean gently greeting the shores of Riambel, beautifully embodying the quiet strength of its namesake beach. Understated and versatile, the Riambel rings can be used to add a unique texture to any look. 

At Oceano, we believe that every piece of jewelry tells a story of its own. Although they begin as a tribute to the remarkable beauty of Mauritius, they always finish with the individual journey of their wearer. 

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