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Article: Unique Emblems of Your Love Story: Oceano Pearl Bridal Jewelry

Unique Emblems of Your Love Story: Introducing Oceano Bridal Jewelry - Oceano Pearls

Unique Emblems of Your Love Story: Oceano Pearl Bridal Jewelry

What does your dream wedding look like?

Is it a luxe affair that lets you be princess for a day? A bohemian celebration in an idyllic meadow? Or an intimate elopement on a private beach?

No matter what kind of bride you are, your day of days is a culmination of the romantic journey you and your beloved have embarked upon. Every element should reflect your unique path, from the treats you eat to the dress and jewelry you wear. That’s why we are always thrilled to work with brides to create one of a kind pearl pieces that complement their love stories.

Below we’ll be sharing some insights into our customizable pearl bridal jewelry designs, so you can begin your journey towards finding the perfect piece for this momentous occasion. 

The History of Pearl Bridal Jewelry

Rich in both symbolism and beauty, pearls are often the gem of choice for brides on their wedding day. These stunning emblems of love serve as wonderful accents to bridal looks, with their delicate iridescence complementing wedding gowns, makeup palettes, and curated bouquets. 

This long standing tradition can be traced back to ancient times. As symbols of love, honesty, and purity - all essential qualities for a happy marriage - pearls were considered the ideal adornments for brides in ancient Greece and Rome.    

The Greeks believed that pearls were tears shed by the goddess of Love, Aphrodite, and treated the gems as auspicious tokens for brides to be. Romans also revered pearls, believing they would protect brides from harm while bringing fortune into their marriage. 

Eventually pearl bridal jewelry made its way across the European continent, while simultaneously gaining popularity in India, the Middle East, China, and Africa. The tradition remains across the world to this day, be it in the form of a simple necklace or an elaborate tiara.  

Oceano’s Customizable Pearl Bridal Jewelry

While many of the existing pearl pieces in our collections can work for a bridal look, we encourage and celebrate customization when it comes to bridal jewelry.

We know that every love story is special in its own way, which is why we love creating custom-made pieces that showcase the uniqueness of our Oceano brides and their relationships.

We work closely with our brides to create breathtaking pieces for their big days, like the earrings we created for Harriet’s sister Alicia. We are always thrilled to design even more one of a kind pieces for future brides.

Here are a few of the customization services we provide for bridal jewelry:

Custom-made designs

Whether you already have a design in mind or you need some inspiration, Harriet and the team will bring your vision to life. From simple earrings to ornate tiaras, we will ensure your piece perfectly complements your wedding dress and every other component of your look. 

Coastal elements

We love working with brides who share our love for the ocean. We are happy to incorporate shells and pieces of coral that you’ve found into your design. 


Commemorate this milestone with a custom engraving on your wedding bands or other meaningful pieces. 

We’re here to make your big day feel as perfect as possible. And though we may not be able to prevent your relatives from doing silly dances at the reception, you can rest assured we will work our hardest to bring your design vision to life. 

If you’re a future bride interested in a custom piece, simply contact us through WhatsApp or visit our atelier to get the process started. We’ll set up a virtual or in-person appointment with Harriet to discuss your dream piece.


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