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Article: For The Love of the Ocean: Our Sustainability Commitment

For The Love of the Ocean: Our Sustainability Commitment - Oceano Pearls
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For The Love of the Ocean: Our Sustainability Commitment

When we say we care about sustainability at Oceano, we mean it.

From the materials we work with to the places that inspire our designs, we truly owe it all to mother nature. She’s the secret driving force behind our entire operation, providing us with the most stunning pearls, metals, and beaches. 

That’s why we’re committed to giving back to her as much as possible.

Everything we do is done with care and consideration for the environment, so we can minimize harm and pay our respect. These endeavors are now more important than ever, since Mauritius announced its goal to become a Green Destination by 2030. To be proactive and help our island achieve its mission, we need to learn and adapt our business to the inevitable sustainability needs.

Read on to learn more about how we create jewelry that is as sustainably made as possible. 

Our Ethically Sourced Materials

All of our jewelry materials are ethically sourced from suppliers who share our environmentally-conscious values.

We create the foundations of our pieces with silver and gold from Italy, which we refine into sterling silver in our very own South Mauritius workshop.

Our pearls come from different countries depending on their variety, but are always responsibly cultivated in sustainable pearl farms. Our suppliers pride themselves on the ecological benefits of their pearl farming initiatives; this practice improves marine conservation efforts and biodiversity while naturally improving water quality. 

Pearl farming is also much gentler on the earth than conventional gemstone mining, as it allows oysters to safely grow in the ocean until their pearls are ready for a safe extraction. 


Our Local Craftsmanship

Our pieces are proudly handmade in our south Mauritius workshop. Not only does this allow us to ensure the highest levels of quality for our jewelry, but it significantly reduces our carbon footprint. 

There are no factories that consume large amounts of energy or create excess amounts of waste; just a dedicated jeweler meticulously beating, molding, and sculpting original creations in an intimate space, surrounded by sugar cane fields. 

Preservation Programs

Our team spends a lot of time in nature when we’re not working, whether we’re relaxing on the beach, diving near coral reefs, or hiking through forests. That’s why it’s important to us to take extra measures to preserve these magical places. Oceano is proud to have collaborated with preservation programs, such as Precious Plastic, and is always on the lookout for other amazing organizations to work with. 

We are dedicated to constantly learning and adapting our sustainability initiatives to better serve the planet, but these core practices help us stay aligned with our environmentally-conscious vision.


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