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Article: Why Pearls Make An Ideal Valentine’s Treat

Why Pearls Make An Ideal Valentine’s Treat - Oceano Pearls
Love & Self-Love

Why Pearls Make An Ideal Valentine’s Treat


Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, so it’s time to start thinking about the perfect gift to show your loved ones how much you care. The holiday has long been associated with romantic love, but we like to think of it as an opportunity to celebrate every kind of love: platonic, familial, or self-love. And though there are many emblems of love to choose from, pearls stand out as a particularly captivating choice. With their natural origins, each pearl is as unique as your own love story. 

A Symbol Of Love & Romance

Not only are pearls beautiful and versatile, they also hold a deep symbolic meaning.

Throughout history, pearls have been associated with romance, love, elegance, and timeless beauty. They have long been treasured as symbols of the beauty and depth of true love and commitment, often gifted between romantic partners on special occasions or worn by brides on their big day. 

Their unique formation process only adds to their romantic appeal. No two pearls are the same, just like no two couples are the same. The durability of pearls also makes them an excellent symbol of a love that continually grows stronger. 

Pearls For Different Types Of Love

Whether you’re in a romantic relationship or not, pearls are an excellent choice for Valentine’s Day. The lustrous gems are also symbols of wisdom, purity, and innocence, making them ideal for commemorating the love felt between friends and family members, or as a token of self-love. 

Each gleaming layer of a pearl’s nacre is said to represent growth and evolution, something that applies to any type of relationship. And as pearls become more beautiful with age, they can also serve as a physical metaphor for a relationship that only gets better with time.  

The Perfect Pearl For Your Valentine

From classic white pearls to feminine pink varieties or dark Tahitian, there's a pearl to match every aesthetic. It’s undeniable that pearls are one of the most versatile gems on the planet, which makes them perfect for gifting.

Not sure what to choose? Consider the traditional meanings of pearl varieties to find the ideal one for your Valentine.

  • White pearls: innocence, purity, peace, beauty & sincerity
  • Pink pearls: love, generosity, compassion, loyalty & happiness
  • Tahitian/black pearls: allure, protection, independence & strength
  • Gold pearls: prosperity, freedom, luck, courage & sophistication

The pearl shape you choose can also impact the piece’s symbolism. A round pearl may represent timelessness and perfection, while an eye-catching baroque pearl can show your love that they’re one of a kind. 

Additional Symbols Of Love

If pearls alone aren’t enough to show your love, you can pair them with other romantic symbols with oceanic origins. 

  • Seahorses are an unusual yet sweet choice, as they are one of the few animals who remain in couples for life. The distinctive fish are known to perform several loving acts for their partners, including swimming with intertwined tails and performing dances for each other.
  • The celestial shape of starfish make them symbols of divine love, as well as sources of inspiration, renewal, and brilliance.

No matter what kind of love you’ll be celebrating this Valentine’s Day, there’s a pearl out there that will perfectly capture it. 

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