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Article: Celebrating 3 Brilliant Female Designers

Celebrating 3 Brilliant Female Designers - Oceano Pearls
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Celebrating 3 Brilliant Female Designers

As International Women’s Day approaches, it’s time to honor all the women who continually inspire us with their strength, creativity, and passion. From the friends and family members who always stand by us to the inspirational figures that motivate us to follow our dreams, March 8th is the perfect day to acknowledge just how incredible women are.

Oceano Pearls comes from a background of female innovation. Not only are we a women-led business, but our founder Harriet’s roots are steeped in female entrepreneurship and artistry. So in honor of this holiday, we’d like to pay tribute to her remarkable family of female designers: Harriet’s sister Alicia and mother Elisabeth are also the founders and creators of their own businesses. Learn all about our favorite mother-daughter trio below! 



A Family Of Artists

Creativity runs deep within Harriet’s family. They are a long line of artists which now span across four generations.

Harriet’s childhood was filled with artistic inspiration, making her journey in art history, sculpture, painting, and restoration a natural choice. From frequent trips to the studio of her grandmother, a watercolor and oil painter and sister to a Parisian modern artist, to helping create her family’s signature handmade holiday cards each year, Harriet was constantly immersed in art and imagination. 

She can happily recall images of her father painting lead soldiers with precision and drawing new extensions for the family house upon the arrival of her siblings. Her mother would decorate the house and garden using her keen eye for colors and design. Elisabeth was dedicated to making each view more beautiful than the last, and their home and garden remain a testament to her passion. Today, the family tradition of pursuing artistic endeavors is being carried on by Harriet’s daughter Sveva, who is studying architecture in Venice. 

Harriet’s Contemporary Pearl Jewelry

We all know and love Harriet’s stunning pearl creations. Inspired by her love of the ocean and her background in art history, restoration and sculpture, Oceano Pearls is redefining traditional pearl jewelry. The one-of-a-kind designs have elements of her artistic knowledge, featuring striking sculptural silhouettes and unique ocean-inspired motifs. 

Before returning to her home island, Harriet spent years working with iconic artwork in Paris and Rome. She also lived in Nairobi, Kenya, where the concept of Oceano bloomed. Harriet’s diverse background translates into her pieces, which beautifully fuse European elegance with the breathtaking landscapes of Mauritius.

Alicia’s Sustainable Swimwear

Harriet’s sister Alicia is the founder and creative director of Alicia Swim, a sustainable swimwear brand based in Mauritius. Just like Harriet, Alicia’s business was born from her love of the ocean. The family grew up by the beach, so much of Harriet and Alicia’s childhood was spent in swimsuits. 

Alicia also went on to live abroad, spending time in New York as a model and student of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. Her work as a model allowed her to try on countless swimsuits, which taught her the exact qualities that were essential for well-fitting, high quality swimwear. Equipped with all the knowledge she needed to branch out on her own, Alicia launched her eponymous line of high-performance sustainable swimwear that honored the beauty of Mauritius. 

Elisabeth’s Luxury Crocodile Leather Goods

Harriet and Alicia got their entrepreneurial spirits from their mother Elisabeth, the owner and founder of Elisa May luxury crocodile products. Her range of crocodile leather bags, wallets, belts, and passport holders embody timeless elegance and luxury. 

Derived from the finest skins of Nile crocodiles raised at La Vanille Reserve in Mauritius, the goods are handcrafted by highly skilled Mauritian leather experts to ensure excellent quality and durability. Elisa May accessories showcase her dedication to exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail, qualities that she has passed down to her daughters. 

A Legacy Of Mauritian Excellence

Although each family member has their own business, the creative processes are very much intertwined. One of the most beautiful things about this trio is their mutual support for one another: Harriet, Alicia, and Elisabeth consistently collaborate on ideas and exchange feedback on their respective pieces. With her experience as a model in New York, Alicia brings a wealth of fashion knowledge to the table and shares the latest trends from across the ocean with her mother and sister. The mother and daughters test and try on each other’s pieces, allowing each woman to continually hone her craft.

In their own ways, Harriet, Alicia, and Elisabeth are encouraging women to feel confident and beautiful in their own skin while honoring the beauty of their homeland. Each brand complements each other, showcasing the best of Mauritian luxury. These trailblazing women are nothing short of inspirational, from the businesses they have created to the healthy lifestyles they promote. 

On March 8th, we invite you to join us in celebrating International Women’s Day and the remarkable women in your life. Together, we can make a difference and support all women to have a better future.

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